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Bravado Cartel

Hailing from Yorkshire, Bravado Cartel have forged their unique blend of alt-rock to establish themselves as one of the best loved original acts of the region.  Their edgy and catchy songs have hypnotised the live music scene with audacious sonic finesse and brazen lyrics. Singing about the passion and disorientation of modern life, BC also capture the raunchy essence of rock and roll with its enduring revolutionary messages and life affirming spirit.

The five piece’s live act conjures all of the daring and swagger of rock’s heyday whilst breaking open its conventions with stomping riffs and anthemic choruses. Their sound has been described as “High octane, thunderous drums, fresh funked-up synth, driven ‘lead’ bass lines and screaming, slightly menacing guitars all held together by linchpin lead singer Will Bloy’s distinctive message riddled lyrics”. Over the years, as well as writing some chart-topping songs, they have been finalists for the UK’s ‘Live and Unsigned’ and have provided a rock single anthem for Huddersfield Town FC

Founding member and lead singer, Will Bloy channels the vibe of Morrison and Mercury, delivering powerful laments of working class life. His commanding onstage presence and charged persona epitomises the heart and soul of the band.  Jonny Green, Les Paul toting lead guitarist has musical influences ranging from metal to psychedelic and all things in between.  Jonny played in many bands before becoming part of Bravado Cartel in the early days (then RedStar) as one the band’s main songwriters.  Shayne Whitton, an alcohol infused lunatic comes into his own behind the drums and has been in the band from its beginnings.  His musical influences range from Korn and Wasp to Pink Floyd, Free and Bad Company.

Latest member, Will Gould (aka The Professor) has been indie-rocking since high school. These days he brings presence, atmosphere and new songwriting panache to the BC sound with crunchy organs, pianos and quirky synth riffs. Joffa Armstrong the bass messiah, was a session player for years working with well established acts in the industry before joining Bravado Cartel.  An accomplished master of the fretboard, he has been trying to leave ever since but Will Bloy caught him in flagrante with a goat and has threatened to publish the evidence.

‘Stand Up and Be Counted!’- Bravado Cartel’s anthemic crowd pleaser epitomises their attention grabbing and elevating music.  If you seek out music with bombast and raw attitude that doesn’t play all of the usual tricks, you will love The Cartel.